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Aus Poolscape Designs offers an affordable pool & outdoor area design service, to help you estimate the cost and scope of work involved in a new build project or a complete renovation. 

If you are a New home owner you may be unsure of the size of pool or the cost involved, you may be deciding between a concrete pool, concrete liner or Fibreglass. Our team can give you the advise you need to establish what will work in the space you have available. 

If you are renovating, you may need some advise regarding what can be done, to bring your existing pool & outdoor area, to new life. Renovating an older pool has lots of options to consider, whether to reduce the size, to add new steps, to add a spa or aqea-deck, our team can give you all the design advise you need, along with bringing your pool up to date with your local shire compliance requirements. 

Our experience team can supply full engineered drawings for you to take away and gain quotes from, which will assist your builder in quoting accurately from the start and save time and money when you apply for Shire approval. 

Our services Start from just $250.00 which includes 1 on site consultation, with up to 1 hour and an optional additional  hour in our Balcatta based showroom,  a concept digital drawing and a scope of work break down, plus and estimated costing. 

Full engineered drawings for your pool, start from just $450.00.  Having engineered drawings to produce to a builder for quoting, means the quote can be accurately calculated from the start, so there are no nasty surprise increases later once contracts are signed and engineering applied for.   

A Full Landscape design service, we work with some of the most talented designs in Perth and can offer a full and detail pool and out door area design,  this comprehensive design service will start with a consultation and will be quoted based on the amount of work involved. 

We also offer a full project management service for those home owners that lack the time to co-ordinate all the trades on site. This is a stress free way of running the whole project. Don’t forget we are SPASA WA members also, when choosing your pool builder or supplier always check the SPASA WA website for approved Local builders. 

 Call us today on 0414 844 497 or email info@auspoolscapedesigns.com.au  to discuss your outdoor area needs.

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